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one for Megs


“Celebrating a birthday reminds us of the goodness of life and in this spirit we really need to celebrate people’s birthdays every day by showing gratitude, kindness, forgiveness, gentleness and affection. These are ways of saying ‘it’s good that you are alive’; ‘it’s good that you are walking with me on this earth…'” Henri Nouwen


A couple of years ago I wrote a blog for almost everyone in my family but ran out of steam just before the end of the year. Meghan, my younger sister by 18 months, has reminded me from time to time that though we are quite close, I had stopped the birthday blogs before her birthday that year. She’s mentioned being unimpressed.

Never fear. Birthdays come annually, and Meghan’s is tomorrow. Here are some things you should know about Meghan. She loves fiercely. She gives generously. She communicates clearly. She works hard. She organizes our motley and over-sized crew for holidays and birthdays. She got on a plane the moment Betsy Claire’s birth happened so that she could hold our very first niece and be there for Bridget. That’s the way Meghan does life: giving of her whole self to those she loves.

Oh, and Meghan is really, really, really funny.

When we were kids Meghan and I shared a room for most of our growing up years. As adults we shared several apartments.

When Mom had cancer, Meghan and I took on nine of our younger siblings for one very long February while Mom and Dad were away seeking treatment. We had no idea how to handle the kiddos in the midst of everything going on, but somehow, together, we did it. And only one of us got bit by one frustrated tiny brother. Way to take one for Team Blinn, Megs! We even managed to keep the kids alive.

We live fifteen minutes apart now, and we talk on the phone most days. We don’t agree about everything, but I cannot, cannot, cannot imagine my life without my beautiful sister. Her birthday is cause to ponder God’s goodness to me, to our family and to the world. When you’re gifted someone as fantastic and beautiful as my sister is, you can’t help but uttering the best one-word prayer I know. Thanks.

Happy birthday, Meghan! Can’t wait to celebrate it up tomorrow night.


today: 23of28. my sister is getting married.

everything must change
we will never be the same

-David Crowder

In less than two months, my sister is getting married. She’s the first of us to do so, so it’s a whole new ballgame. Along with the anticipating of the wedding, there’s the planning for the marriage. Bridget will move cross country. She needs a new job. She’ll start a life there.

Today I received the wedding invite, and I thought about how weddings are one of the few covenants left in our culture. I thought about how God gets behind a couple and makes a covenant with them at the same time they make one with each other. I think that’s important to know going into marriage. God thinks Bridget and Brian’s story matters enough to get right in the middle of their story.

I need to rsvp to the wedding and buy a dress and figure out what shoes I can wear. Being on my feet all day kills my desire to wear fun girly shoes, and having been a wedding photographer for a few years now, I don’t even bother with looking for great heels for a big day. All the external trappings must be attended, though.

That said, Bridget and Brian need more than a headcount and nicely dressed crowd in attendance. They’re stepping into something big. For these next less-than-two-months and for the long haul, they need prayers. They need friends and family to come alongside them. Everything will change, yes, and we get to change right along with them, hopefully for the best. That is so very good.