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today: 17of28. food and healthcare and budget cuts and life and death (incomplete thoughts)

“…if you live that mindful life, if you began to live a little more simply, a little more humbly, a little more meekly as Christ would put it, you begin to grow as a spiritual human being…”
Matthew Sleeth, MD (wise, wise, wise downwardly mobile guy)

It sickens me that schools will close and lose teachers while stacks of tax dollars pay for Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. The whole system is flawed. There, I said it. I’m probably the first one to say it too. I will probably write more about this when I have a bit more time to gather some thoughts, but it breaks my heart that the world God created and called good has been pillaged and purged of resources throughout history, but the West, particularly this American neck of the woods owes the world an apology. We owe ourselves an apology. We have replaced understanding that life is a gift with a sense of entitlement.

We think we ought to live forever, that we ought not grow old, that we ought not be sick and that we ought not have consequences when we make choices that rob us of an alive kind of life.

We distract ourselves with entertainment, with pursuing the next big thing, with more, More, MORE.

We fail to connect the choices we make in our culture of excess with the brokenness of the marginalized in the developing world.

We allow ourselves to remain blind. We choose to be uninformed about what our food (if it’s that) is made of. We neglect simple change that would make us healthier (less technology, better food, more time outside, greater generosity, fewer hours at work).

We choose to let the dollar be the bottom line rather than people. We overspend. We under-invest. We buy more than we need. We give less than we could.

I know these are sweeping generalizations, but our culture and government reflect the above statements.

It makes me sad. I want to be different, more hopeful, more real. Do you? I see all kinds of beauty in the world all the time, and I think we were created and called good to replicate that beauty. Even if it costs us.

I’m reminded of Ezra’s confession when he observes Israel’s failures. He owns it. He confesses it. He grieves it. He prays. He initiates change. He sees God grace. May it be so today.