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today: 6of28. Super Bowl Sunday? Nah, just super.

…let me hear the words you say
let’s go and get tangled in chains of golden days…

Golden Days The Damnwells (sorry about the Fray)

Oh Texas winter…

I’m not much of a football fan, so I didn’t pay much attention to the game. It was a good excuse for friends and cards and yummy food. The weather, though? With it’s twists and turns this week, a 50-degree day meant yet another day of photos taken while walking the dog. In all honesty, I was just thankful to be outside in fresh air. It felt like reprieve. It’ll be cold again tomorrow, but the weekend? Glorious.

Today was a day to catch my breath. I feel reconnected to life and plans and purposes. I love the exuberance that anticipation coupled with hope conceive. Life, with all it’s questions and uncertainties? Beautiful.

Stories to come.


today: long are these many hours

“Asking and seeking and knocking with each other is a healthy, beautiful way to be human.”
-Rob Bell

Today I thought I would get to meet Luci, and instead it snowed. A lot. Dallas beneath ten inches of white fluff looks foreign, unexpected. My discontent with being here looks grumpy, frustrated. Tomorrow I will wait one more day, and finally, hopefully Saturday, I will meet Luci. Today I thought I would get to meet Luci and remembered I don’t have a lot of control over very many things. We don’t have control over very many things. I could afford to make different choices on snowy, grumpy days. The different choice today might have been to ask for some help with perspective. It lacked and fell off into overt and unhelpful introspection. How quickly I forget to look around, to see.

Because what I do have is life, this life.

morning, around here. yesterday.

afternoon, here and there. yesterday and today.

evening, after a day that yawned and stretched, while washing dishes. today.