today: update andmoretocome

This silence of late is not lack of words or story; rather, it’s fullness of life overflowing with relationships and photographs and running and breaking up with caffeine (that deserving of a post all to itself… soon). Collin and I made some big adjustments to our eating. I’m trying to be better about sticking to a schedule. Sleep is for eight hours most nights these days. And when it’s busy? Well, I need/crave/want/prioritize time with God and try to do the same with time away from the computer. Some days I succeed. That said, I miss writing and hearing from you (if I have any readers left after all this silence).

I love fall and the change in season. It stirs my heart in a way that provokes processing. It makes me want to ask questions and hear answers, curled up on a couch with a book or lingering with old friends over cold beer and easy conversation. And it makes me want to write. So write I shall. Hopefully will be very, very soon. In the meantime, here are some picnic photographs, because while I’ve been not blogging, life has continued. When we are busy and the weather permits, we love picnics.

a simple meal
and a quite spot
and a playful puppy
and outside

These things reset us; we thrive in these moments, Collin and I. We connect with God. We connect with each other. We remember life is good. We say thank you.

Life is good. Thank you. Much remains to be told.


3 responses to “today: update andmoretocome

  1. So happy for you, my friend. xo ❤

  2. Love you . . . .

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