Monthly Archives: October 2011

today: update andmoretocome

This silence of late is not lack of words or story; rather, it’s fullness of life overflowing with relationships and photographs and running and breaking up with caffeine (that deserving of a post all to itself… soon). Collin and I made some big adjustments to our eating. I’m trying to be better about sticking to a schedule. Sleep is for eight hours most nights these days. And when it’s busy? Well, I need/crave/want/prioritize time with God and try to do the same with time away from the computer. Some days I succeed. That said, I miss writing and hearing from you (if I have any readers left after all this silence).

I love fall and the change in season. It stirs my heart in a way that provokes processing. It makes me want to ask questions and hear answers, curled up on a couch with a book or lingering with old friends over cold beer and easy conversation. And it makes me want to write. So write I shall. Hopefully will be very, very soon. In the meantime, here are some picnic photographs, because while I’ve been not blogging, life has continued. When we are busy and the weather permits, we love picnics.

a simple meal
and a quite spot
and a playful puppy
and outside

These things reset us; we thrive in these moments, Collin and I. We connect with God. We connect with each other. We remember life is good. We say thank you.

Life is good. Thank you. Much remains to be told.


today: the wonder of it all

“Wonder is the basis of worship”
-Thomas Carlyle

No matter where, no matter where, no matter where my story- or your story- takes me or you, the deep breath yielded by a few minutes outside really looking at creation provokes wonder. It steadies me to see flowers and trees, sun and sky, and the cycle of life. Seasons shift and change. Transformation occurs. The world retains so much of the good God saw when he made it. In the midst of war and failing economies and broken relationships and sickness, even in the midst of death, a walk outside reveals new life. Some days that’s the grace to regroup and calm the heart and slow the pace.

God is here, everywhere. And we are his, loved and capable of loving. I’m captivated.

It’s outside that I most often find myself beckoned into his kingdom and story. I know I am small in the midst of a great grand scheme that is the world. That humbling reality- that very revelation- invites participation into the story of God’s great plan of redemption. I’m certain that truth ought to be taken literally and metaphorically.

today: month fifteen

It was fifteen months ago that Collin turned to me and said he didn’t want to leave things undefined. We didn’t have much of anything figured out. We did know we wanted to see if there was something there worth figuring out. And I suspected he meant business about pursuing me. Today I know that he did.

For this I am grateful. It’s been quite a year and a quarter. I see God’s handiwork in our story. I know that this is grace.

Yesterday Collin had flowers delivered to the house I’m staying at in Kentucky. I’ve been away for work for this past week. I love his thoughtfulness, ever looking for ways to make me feel beautiful, wanted, loved. I love that when I called to thank him I could hear the smile in his voice. I love that this is the page we are on.

Someday maybe I’ll write some thoughts on dating and love and how we’re walking things out. But that’s for another day. Today all I want to say is this: it’s a good story we are living, fifteen months in.

tonight: joy, alive

“Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.”
-Emily Dickinson

I’m a slow blogger of late. Hoping to remedy that soon.

wide-eyed with revelation, this
oh but life is joy, and here
we are alive, very
the wonder burrows deep, these
oh and roots cling deep, and here
we cling to life, desperate
oh taste and see the goodness, the goodness
oh hear and speak the fullness, the fullness
oh but life is joy, and here
we are alive, very
bright and bold, the beauty rectifies and redeems
the broken
life is joy, and here
we are alive, very