today: just a day

I haven’t written in, oh, half of forever. So a list today. Stories to come.

Today: awoke before alarm, having slept, thankful.
Showered, readied, dressed.
On time for the meeting before church happens.
And then we hugged necks and sang songs. We prayed. We listened.
I got to teach (we are adopted and yes, heirs).
At the end, my arm around the neck of a friend as we prayed, believing a better story is on the way.
He finally got to hear me speak.
After, Jono drove home with me.
We picked up the dog.
I changed clothes.
Lunch with Mom and half her children.
The other half, scattered around, called sporadically.
We did our best to love her, and Debo’s bread rivaled any meal Bridget’s made.
She’s loved us well, our mom, and we know it.
Debo and I felt so few, half our sisters missing.
I ran, after ice cream and in the heat of the day. A mistake.
Headed home and caught my bestie on the phone by chance.
She speaks life, celebrates truth and loves well.
Meghan just in from a trip.
And then dog park.
Only the 135 and the old 5d, a favorite combo.
A bath for the dog.
A walk for he and I before we took the dog off home in search of
Thai food and easy conversation.
Good night prayers before he left.
A perusal of photographs made just because.
Laundry washed and I am yawning.
And today was just a day, and today was Mother’s Day.
And today was life lived fully.
And so I sleep humbled by goodness and whispering thanks.


One response to “today: just a day

  1. I love this. It’s beautiful.

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