tonight: be little bee

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”

It’s not that I’m complaining or seeking ever-elusive (and I’m starting to believe non-existent) balance. It’s just that this tension gets acknowledged today. And I long for stillness, for silence, for contemplation. And I live with great hope that life is a process of endless, endless, endless growth.

be little bee
let yourself be
all busy so often
hindrance to free
see little bee
all you might leave
to open these eyes
sure to set sights
on hope believed:
be(ing) redeemed
and then
and then
and then
you know peace


6 responses to “tonight: be little bee

  1. I like this one. It’s so sweet and so true.

  2. cute, well done.

  3. Amen! Nicely written.

  4. impressed.


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