today: from North Carolina, loved

and I’ll kneel down wait for now
and I’ll kneel down hold my ground…
now I’ll be bold, as well as strong
use my head alongside my heart

Untitled, Mumford and Sons

“He who calmed the seas does that to our souls.”
Ann Voskamp

Two days crossing country, and earlier in the week it seemed like a year void of travel until I took some notes. New Orleans in January and Louisville in February and Austin then D.C. in March. We drove from Dallas to Birmingham, and I made new friends of my sister’s old ones. We headed up, up, up through Atlanta and then to Charlotte, and we are in Raleigh. My sister moves here in two week’s time, a newlywed then. It is a year full of travel after all, trips that make up snippets rather than having substantial length.

Collin texted me yesterday that he loved a post on this blog from March 23, 2010, so I went back and read it and loved it too. What is this life but a collection of snippets in combination with journeys of length? God shaped in me a vagabond-ing, wanderlust-ing way that makes the fog lift and thoughts clear when I boomerang here and there. That He knew and knows this to be me helps me see His hand, His way shaping the contours of my life. He loves me. I know it. Collin reading those words and loving them shaped a reminder to listen and seek and pray and be ever-preparing for the next page while being firmly grounded in the present.

There is more. There is justice and mercy holding hands in the third world and there are sisters to see marry and babys to be born here. And there are stories to tell and stories to long for and life to live everywhere. Wonder abounds. And I get to be a part of it all. I. Get. To. And the soul finds rest in those words, contentment in the now juxtaposed with eagerness to see what happens next. Thankfully.

And you have get-tos charting your life too. Thankfully.


One response to “today: from North Carolina, loved

  1. so could have written half of this myself. yep. it’s a fabulous life we lead.

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