today: 19-20of28. People make life.

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.”
-Tennessee Williams

Last week flew by, and by Saturday morning, I wanted sleep and quiet. I knew, though, the story of this weekend had a preset of photos to shoot and events to attend. I left at 830 and barely passed go all day Saturday. Sunday looked similar, with a 945 exit, which was a bit more appealing. The busyness of this weekend, though, was largely centered around celebrating people.

Yesterday was my sister Bridget’s second wedding shower, and it was a beautiful tea at the Fort Worth Club. Our friend Megan hosted the shower. Megan exudes hospitality. She gives the best of herself to her friends. Every detail of the shower not only honored Bridget but celebrated the guests as well. Everyone who was there felt special. Though the food was good and the company wonderful, Megan’s planning and consideration took the shower to a level of excellence that amazed me.

Megan has a unique friendship with each of my sisters, and our whole family adores her. Yesterday was a day to treasure, not only for Bridget, but for all of us. I left the shower so thankful for Megan in our life. Her heart is huge for the people that she loves. It’s compelling. Megan adds such beauty to her friendships by being herself. The shower utterly reflected that.

Tonight was Randy’s recital. Randy and I became friends a good 15 years after we met, which is to say we’ve known each other more than 20 years. Randy is finishing up his Master’s in Violin Performance (I hope I’m getting the title right) at the University of Texas in Arlington, and tonight he performed a recital. Watching my friend, who plays with passion and skill, as he created music with his instrument swelled my heart with joy. He worked so hard; it was obvious.

Seeing others come around Randy displayed a wealth of relationships supporting him. The concert hall was filled with friends and family, and after he finished, we stood and clapped. Everyone beamed. Some were moved to tears. We celebrated afterwords, with food and people, laughter and conversation. I hope Randy felt the love that filled the room. His creativity and dedication were displayed tonight. The community that has surrounded him throughout his life were present. I loved that I got to be a part of it.

Besides Bridget’s shower and Randy’s recital, there were photos to shoot and lunch with Debo. Last night a group of us went to Joe T Garcia’s, a Fort Worth cultural establishment (and experience). It was my first time to eat there, and I can only describe it as Stuff White People Like, Fort Worth edition. There was church this morning and lunch with dear friends. Groceries needed to be bought. The dog needed to be walked. Life happened and a lot of it, in the best possible way. I sometimes look around and can’t believe the people in my life are really mine. My heart is full tonight. I’ve said it time and again, but I know God’s kindness best through the people he’s given me.

He is very kind indeed.


One response to “today: 19-20of28. People make life.

  1. Was such a great weekend. Love Megan! Love Randy! Cannot wait to see all the pictures! 🙂

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