today: fat tuesday, if like a fat lip

“It matters little where a man may be at this moment; the point is whether he is growing…”
-George MacDonald

Some days come and go without notice or celebration. And some days come and go with the awareness that we (I) are (am a) work(s) in progress. And striving or ceasing does little to alleviate my (our) need to stretch our arms towards someone and something larger than ourselves. Thankfully God’s faithfulness is not dependent on perfect behavior. What is compelling about Jesus is not his perfection but his humanity. Yes.

Here’s to processing
and working things out
and conversations
and quiet
and grace
and more grace
and Light ever, ever pushing back darkness.
Here’s to hope.

I’ve never understood the Fat Tuesday thing. Lent, yeah, I get it, and I anticipate this season of contemplation. This Tuesday felt like a punch in the face, leaving a fat lip as a reminder. This, and it’s not even Fat Tuesday yet. Fortunately, fat lips heal, and dinner was comfort food. Tomorrow? A better day. Today? Still utterly saturated in grace.

For the discombobulated thoughts I apologize.


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