tonight: mexico, we used to go

I went to a colonia in Reynosa, Mexico twelve times in five years. This year I have not gone. This is a week we would have been there. I missed it tonight. I wondered what lies ahead, for our friends in Mexico and for me as someone who loves to go.

Vamos Tamaulipas December 2009 from Erin Blinn on Vimeo.

in the colonia we made friends
we learned names
we ate meals
we found love, time and again
and we worked hard
and we grew tired
in the colonia we took shoes
for four years (maybe five)
we gave boxes
we held babies
we yielded our hearts
and became something larger than just a team
the lines- us, them- blurred
and we loved, we loved, we loved
and we love, we love, we love
so we trust that in the colonia
God is there now
as much as we were then
and once again, we find it true
all is grace
all is grace


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