today: sea creatures from miss erin (a birthday post for lucy and sam)

“Miss Erin, what’s your favorite sea creature…

“Oh, my favorite sea creature is a jellyfish.”
-Lucy, June 2010

You don’t often get to know the anniversary of your friendships. But I know my friendship with Catherine, Shehzad, Sam and Lucy began three years ago about two weeks from today. That’s when I first went to their house to help out with newborn twins. I didn’t know my life would be changed and enriched by that friendship, but it has been. I write about them almost as much as my own family. We were meant to be friends. Of that I am sure.

It is Sam and Lucy’s third birthday today, and they had an “under the sea” themed party this weekend. Fitting for two little kids with whom I have conversed about fish and jellyfish and seahorses and dolphins a good deal this year. Those conversations remind me of how big the world is to a little kid, and those conversations make me want to pause and love on those two incredible little people for their birthday.

I held onto these photos, from our June aquarium visit, for just this occasion. Happy birthday, Lucy and Sam. Thank you for the joy you add to my life. I love you to the sky and back!!!

And a video… just in case you don’t know this song yet, my little friends.


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