today: who am i to pray

This is working me over today as I find myself aware of grace and tripping on words, endlessly tripping on words. God hears us, and somehow I think He, being Himself, loves to hear from us.

Gracious God, we thank you for the gift of prayer. What an extraordinary thing that we can pray to you, unburden ourselves before you, place our cares, woes and joys before you. I confess I find praying an awkward business. I keep thinking, Who am I to pray? But I know that to be false humility, hiding my prideful desire to be my own creator. So we pray a prayer of joy in prayer, asking that we become your prayers for one another. Amen.

-Stanley Hauerwas
p23, Prayers Plainly Spoken


One response to “today: who am i to pray

  1. yet another refreshing blog post!

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