today: maybe not much writing going on here lately…

Life is funny in the way that lulls that seem so utterly s l o w with an endless sense of nothing happening shift effortlessly to calm that is busy and full and attention grabbing. I guess I am not writing much here lately, because the ground beneath my feet, sure as it is, passes swiftly. It’s not that life is so busy, but it is pretty dang good. I’m not making time to write, but I will some time soon. At the moment, I’m a little preoccupied with just doing life.

I feel pretty aware of grace and the goodness of God most mornings when I wake up, and that awareness? I wish I had words to capture the sweetness of that reality. The byproduct of that awareness is a thankful heart, and all the days and weeks when I lose sight and perspective seem so foolish on the days I wake up feeling like I can really see and ponder and believe. So wisdom, then, maybe, is stopping and being. And saying thanks.


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