today: the first lucy

“Love actually is all around.”
Love Actually

If my life had a Hugh Grant voice-over that expressed the “love actually is all around” sentiment that begins Love Actually, the voice-over would not talk about Heathrow. I’ve been to Heathrow, and we didn’t get along so well. I know love, actually, from many perspectives. I have three Lucies, for example. They are three little girls who make me get on airplanes, because they have utterly stolen my heart. Kiddos do that to me with a pretty high degree of regularity.

The first Lucy is about to be three. I am visiting her and her family this week. This Lucy and I became friends when she was two weeks old, and I have written about her and her family many times before. Tonight I just want to say that today, this Lucy said, “Miss Erin, I love you.” In her little voice this comes out in a chirp of “missera, I luuubew.” Lucy is too busy to say words with slow deliberation. That skill will come. Her sentiments, though, come across loud and clear.

If there is one quick way to see grace in life, staring in the face of someone who loves you well is a direct line. The first Lucy reminded me of that today. It kinda made me miss the other two Lucies. I’ll save that sentiment, though for another day.


4 responses to “today: the first lucy

  1. Did you take these shots? If so…nicely done!

  2. The second Lucy and her family miss you and are looking forward to when you get on an airplane to come visit. 🙂

  3. love your page

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