today: the description moved me

I’m so surprised to find more, always surprised to find more…
-The Avett Brothers

If May was birthday and supernannying and photographs and miles run, then June is overflow.

June already took me out of town and put a camera in my hands. June already yielded mile after mile to busy feet needing the grounding of time outdoors, moving. June gave me right from the get-go a reunion and so, so, so much laughter. June stretches on to offer change and travel and going and changing and thinking and praying and hoping and dreaming.

This brain sees a lot of things to do.

This heart expects people and places and passion, a trifecta, perhaps of so much goodness to ponder and cling to.

A brother will go to camp, and my sisters will work their jobs, and my family will cross paths at church on Sundays. I wake up and write words and tell stories and take photographs while occasionally balancing a chunky baby who is not my own on my hip as I return phone calls and this very long run-on sentence links many components of my life right now.

So these few words are a deep breath and commitment to run hard and expectantly, to stop and listen quietly. I think we’re made to live in a reality where we the work we do and the people we’re with bring out the very best in us and them. And I think some days, maybe even most days, I catch these glimpses that make me believe that is possible. And on the really good days, a lot of who I am and the tasks at hand make me believe that just might be a place where I can and do live. You can too. And if that is the case, then this is redemption.

Obscure thoughts, perhaps, but the page I am on tonight. Thanks for journeying with me. This is my story, and this is one of those days when I feel Written, something someone else said first, but I don’t know who it was. The description moved me.


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