today: the big 3-1, yeah, you heard right.

this is a star
this is your heart
this is the day you were born

-Switchfoot (Yeah, I went there.)

They say it’s my birthday. It’s a good thing, right? Here are 31 things I am learning or processing as I hit the big 3-1. Just for you. Or maybe for me. In a lot of ways I feel like my little buddy Caiden, who learned how to pull himself up in the last two days, and life is about to take off for him. When we hang out, my broken record repeats, “you are such a buddy,” over and over. And he is. His new found ability, though, makes this little buddy a force… but that is not the point of this blog post.

This is:
1. For my birthday, I want this more than anything. Go. Read. Give. Thanks.
2. We are capable of making the world a better place; I really believe this (reference #1). I try to live like it. You can too.
3. God is big and real, and He loves me. A lot. You too.
4. Photography makes me believe a better story , because it makes me look for better stories everywhere.
5. Running makes me believe I can set goals and finish things.
6. What we believe matters.
7. It’s okay that I burned out on working at church. It’s better than okay that my relationship with God survived and is making it’s way (feebly at times) back towards thriving.
8. My family? Absolutely rocks. Messes and all.
9. This from the past few months of dating more than I have in a while: I don’t need a man. And this from that: so if I have one it’s because it works.
10. It’s okay to make the above statement while recognizing that one of these days I do want to settle down and have a family.
11. I do need people, and the quality of people in my life continues to amaze me.
12. The wanderlust isn’t going away. Thankfully.
13. Saying thank you is important.
14. I have a lot to learn. A lot.
15. Beauty isn’t that hard to find if your eyes are open and expectant.
16. There is enough time to play music just because.
17. Sometimes excellence is just finishing.
18. Compassion is hard sometimes. It’s still worth it.
19. Good food facilitates genuine community.
20. That said, it’s worth it to learn what and how to eat and drink to feel good and be healthy.
21. Anne Lamott makes me want to write more.
22. A lot of times, my insomnia is stress related. I need to work on that.
23. Hope. Relentlessly.
24. This year, I want to become quicker to confess wrongs and apologize.
25. This year, I want to be more intentional about the words I use and how I talk to and about others.
26. People are worth the investment.
27. Apple is the way to go.
28. Laugh. Every day.
29. I will preach and teach again. I don’t know what that looks like.
30. Life is really good.
31. 31 isn’t old at all.

Thanks for helping make my birthday happy by being in my life. It is very full.

5 responses to “today: the big 3-1, yeah, you heard right.

  1. So glad to celebrate you and your 31 years of life. While I am a little ahead of you on the trajectory towards getting old (whenever that it, I don’t know…it changes every year 😉 I so enjoy the kindred friend I have in you. I love that we have Mexico experience to draw references from that can completely describe a moment in the here and now. I love how much Jesus I see in you and how you faithfully point towards Him with your words and deeds. I love that our friendship has been built around worship and prayer and serving. I love that even when life is busy and hectic you have consistently found time to connect with the Harbaughs – eat a meal, play a game, go for a walk, have a coffee… so Happy Birthday, dear friend, and may you bask in the love of God like never before.

  2. Happy birthday, Erin. Thank you, as always, for sharing your perspective on life and the world and people and God. I hope you had a great, great day!

  3. Erin – This post was beautiful. What an awesome way to reflect on your big day. Happy Day – every day.

  4. I think you’re beautiful.

    Wish I could have been around to celebrate this one with you 🙂

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