tonight: the stuff of life

Our hammers beating hard against that old facade
Some other air to breathe
That we might break these molds and free our restless souls
Start to believe

David Gray

we sunk our hands deep into the stuff of life
(unaware of the reality at the time)
unconcerned with the persistence of some of the grime
we found that what did not brush off would scrub off eventually
mistakes were bound to get made
and hearts would definitely break how
ever to avoid the mess of it all
would have been to avoid the joy of it all
and that simply would not do
we danced solidly in the living room
in the aftermath (which was a continuation)
youth and experience stepping on each others toes
neither realizing what we didn’t know
both clinging to each other conceding this:
we must go. still we must go
sinking our hands into the good stuff of life
risky at times, full-faced and bold in the way we are alive


2 responses to “tonight: the stuff of life

  1. Beautiful image, amazing contrast.

  2. good. deep. penetrating.

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