tonight: l o s t

just because I’m losing doesn’t mean I’m lost…
Lost, Coldplay (If you haven’t, go see ’em live. You’re welcome.)

I believe in windy days when everything gets blown away
oh please let me be blown away
I promise you I’m not afraid

Windy, Page France

not gonna lie… tonight’s episode of Lost made me want to write…

are we the kind of people of that hearty stock
who are unafraid to cry though the men, they are grown
who are unafraid to risk though we have little we actually own
that we do not need?
are we that type?
if wanderers, then found on the verge, ever on the verge
of something more,
driven not by the adventure but some kind of purpose
and somehow finding required adventure suits us just fine
with little sense of anything that is only ours or mine
and a lot of wonder that makes us crawl, if a little timidly, towards a way divine
are we the kind of people of that hearty stock
or ought we throw up our hands, utterly lost?


One response to “tonight: l o s t

  1. You watch Lost too?

    Very thought-provoking poem. I have read it a number of times now and it keep evoking more thoughts and introspection.

    Really good stuff!

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