Palm Sunday: intentional this Holy Week?

I’m tired, and it is Palm Sunday, and I know I should be preparing my heart for Holy Week, for Easter. But I’m tired having (shockingly) over-committed this weekend. I should be considering worship and God and the great story of redemption that Palm Sunday was a part of thousands of years ago. The world is transformed. The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard has been utterly transformational in my faith. I reread some sections yesterday, and this quote stood out to me. I want to camp out on these words as Holy Week begins. Maybe this will help you too.

Now we need to understand that what simply occupies our mind very largely governs what we do. It sets the emotional tone out of which our actions flow, and it projects the possible courses of actions available to us. Also the mind, though of little power on its own, is the place of our widest and most basic freedom. This is true in both a direct and an indirect sense. Of all the things we do, we have more freedom with respect to what we will think of, where we will place our mind, than anything else. And the freedom of thinking is a direct freedom wherever it is present. We need not do something else in order to exercise it. We simply turn our mind to whatever it is we choose to think of. The deepest revelation of our character is what we choose to dwell on in thought, what constantly occupies our mind- as well as what we can or cannot even think of…

May we be intentional about fixing our mind on the life and death and resurrection of Jesus as the traditional, historic rhythm of this week invites us to remember the big picture story of Jesus by recalling the details of his humble ride into a city as King where the crowd who worshiped him Sunday crucified him Friday. May that rhythm beckon our wonder as he works that act for the good of those who love him in his triumph over death on Easter morning. May we be amazed that this God saves us. I want to be intentional with my thoughts this week… This story reveals a vast love, a costly love, a love given to humanity by a God who became like us to set our lives straight. Amazing.


2 responses to “Palm Sunday: intentional this Holy Week?

  1. Erin, what an inspiring blog. You are so willing to share what is going on for you, and that honesty is really a breath of fresh air. You always seem to have so much to offer. Thank you for being so generous with your writing and sharing.

    I’ve heard people talk about that book for years. I went ahead and bought it this morning.

  2. Pardon the blogspam, Erin, but if you have a moment, let me know if you are familiar with the Amon Carter Museum in Forth Worth.

    I have a phone interview with them tomorrow and any local perspective would be great to know before I get on the phone (if you happen to know the museum or read my comment in time.)

    if you want to drop me a note, feel free via steve at enginpost dot com. Thanks!

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