tonight: the wind and the chill and the effort

“Not all who wander are lost.
-J.R.R. Tolkien

you know the way your eyes follow the horizon line
then dance to and fro as they consider the distance of fate
as times and places resound in your head
as familiar as the songs your mom played on her guitar when
puff the magic dragon was singular in meaning and magic
and clarity lines not so much your steps as the decisions to take them?
you know those days?
you feel some kind of whole even as you wander around the big picture
unsure of place and not wanting to taste defeat anymore
you find your feet running hard like the child you were,
face reddening from the wind and the chill and the effort
but you didn’t notice. you were so in the moment.
conversations lull and drop off to quiet as you sip your beer
in the thin jacket that is all you need on a spring night
and you smile feeling that kind of whole.
life drenched not in answers and somehow holy
and the horizon is as far away as ever
and you stumble upon this certain peace now and again.
we are very much, very much alive. all right.


3 responses to “tonight: the wind and the chill and the effort

  1. what are you a poet or a photographer?
    introvert humanitarian?
    runner who flies?
    this is magic.

  2. It’s very good.

  3. Your photography is seeping into my dreams.

    I dreamed last night that I met up with you and an elderly Chinese man (whom I do not know in reality) to view some art at a local museum and we three ended up standing around mesmerized by these Adobe corporate product manuals that were on display.

    All I can remember was that the font was super tiny and as we sat looking at it the three of us would shrink down until the font became big enough to be readable. How goofy is that! It was like something out of a childrens book (that I now feel compelled to write.) Anyway… too goofy to keep to myself.

    Keep up the beautiful photography.

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