today: elena is the girl of the hour

(title inspired by this… 2010’s happy-crack music is definitely Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros)

I still have some words to write for Luci, who recently arrived and prompted a visit to the Pacific Northwest for the latter half of February. Today, though I found myself thinking about Elena. Elena is three. She is Luci’s cousin. On the day she would become a big sister, her mom and dad and she and I ventured to the park (her aunt, uncle and cousin would join us) to take some photos. We didn’t know it was the day she would become a big sister. The day was full of surprises. First, though, there were photos.

It’s a big deal to become a big sister. When that relationship is bestowed on a kidlet of preschool age, preparing said kidlet isn’t necessarily something that can be done. Parents can talk about the baby and how the older child will be a big sister, but then the baby arrives and there’s an actual baby. A human baby. Who eats and sleeps and cries. Who wants to share Mom and Dad. These photos of Elena, taken on the day she became a big sister made me excited for her as she gets to know her baby sister.

Here is a girl full of smiles and laughter and joy, because here is a girl who knows she is loved. She is adored. She is beautiful. She is just a kid, a great kid, a kid who would swing all day long if she could. She doesn’t want to sit in your lap when you read her a story, but she doesn’t want you to stop reading until you’ve read every story you can find. The effortless delight in the world of a small child remains natural to Elena. To play with her is to regain that perspective.

I hope Elena’s eyes are filled with wonder when she sees her sister. I hope her heart is full of confidence that the changes that are taking place as a result of her sister’s coming only grow the love in her home. And I hope she knows that she remains wanted, needed, loved and just right. Elena makes the world a better place, just like her new baby cousin and new baby sister. I look at these photos and see that.


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