today: becoming iconic spaces (dear peter rollins, you are rocking my world.)

Working on a blog for little Luci while waiting on a plane at Sea-Tac and discovering words that ought to be shared and celebrated…

(So ends the first section of writing in his book with love as the plumb line of Christian faith) “… Not an inauthentic love which only embraces those who embrace us, but the love that emanates from our beloved, the love that would embrace our enemeies, that gives until it hurts and then gives more, the love that gives with the right hand while hiding its gift from the left. To affirm the approach that I am advocating means that we must accept that to be a Christian is to be born of love, transformed by love and committed to transforming the world with love. This is not somehow done by working ourselves up and trying to find the right way of thinking and acting, but rather in letting go and opening up to the transformative power of God. In so doing, we will not merely sit around describing God to the world, but rather, we will become the iconic spaces in which God is made manifest in the world…”
-p71, How (Not) to Speak of God, Peter Rollins


One response to “today: becoming iconic spaces (dear peter rollins, you are rocking my world.)

  1. hmmmmm?

    I have to admit I am disappointed in emergent theology to the degree that I find it frequently filled with superficial strawman analogies and oversimplifications that contradict and often, in the end, drain the supernatural life out of my faith, reducing it to icons of human love and emotive expression.

    For me, the writing seems to result in a monolithic and shallow view of community devoid of the real dimensions of human relationship. Don’t get me wrong. I know a number of emergent people who are big on community, but their version feels more-or-less politically correct and somewhat regularly depressing? But I guess that is my experience. I am less obsessed with focusing on the brokenness of the community and a little more interested in believing in a real Jesus intervention (less “I’m OK, You’re OK” and a little more “Power Healing”… but not “Power Healing” in a memoir sense.)

    As an example, while much emergent writing talks a lot about love, painfully I find its definition of love to NOT pass the litmus test of the myriad ways that Jesus “expressed” love or how God is said to show His love to us (not just a wooing love, but a love that relentlessly pursues and raises a real standard.)

    I believe in love, but a love that transforms actively across a much broader natural spectrum of human interaction. In the end, it starts to feel like the emergent definition of love has to cover a multitude of theologically misguided sin.

    For what it’s worth, if you are curious, feel free consider my recent thoughts at…

    I hope it is OK to share my feelings on here. I apologize if it feels like I am spamming your beautiful blog. Love your photos and your writing.

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