today: crawl then walk then RUN

“…Remarkable, really, the lengths to which humans will go to fit things into their version of reality.”
p155, The Lightning Thief, Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson and the Olympians are not Harry Potter replacements, but the novels are good fun.)

It is 12:43 am, and I am writing a blog instead of being in bed. This is the current norm, and though it probably needs some adjustment at some stage, this outside-of-the-box way that is my present tense plays out daily like a breath of fresh air. Some days I am not sure of what to think, but a lot of days I am thankful. The endless array of get-to-dos far outnumber the have-to-dos on my to-do list. Days are gifts. I am learning. I am learning to wake up and approach my days as gifts. I think I do what a lot of us tend to do a lot of days: I downsize my version of reality to something manageable and forget the rhythm for which we were made: dreaming, creating and believing in a direction that is hopeful and redemptive.

But life is good. So. very. good. When I didn’t know photography would become something that I love and do as a means of life, I always, always looked at photographs and loved them. If I had paused, even for a minute, in all my years of coming and going and traveling and seeing and telling stories… maybe I would have picked up a camera sooner. I think, though, that the timing is right for the present tense. I needed all those years to learn how to learn to see.

And maybe, maybe, maybe the learning curve has hit the right pace, because some days when I click the shutter on my camera, I make an image that causes my heart to leap. I want to share it. I don’t even have to look on the screen to know that when I upload it something will be conveyed that is real and honest. Every now and again, all those years of coming to believe people matter a lot… to God and (on a good day) to me… every now and again those years cause clarity that my camera lens captures when seen. Love. Grace. Beauty. Peace. Hurt. Fear. Joy. Wonder. Many trappings of reality.


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