today: it’s a zoo

“Life is a zoo in a jungle.”
-Peter De Vries

Now that my job circumstances shifted gears, so has my chronic insomnia. Four years, maybe more, of many, many sleepless nights have transitioned into sleeping every night now that I work as photographer. I think a good part of my new-found sleeping abilities (which feel like a superpower to my was-tired/exhausted-for-many-years self) are the result of a slower pace and a good deal of time with friends and family and God. It’s good. As the pace of the year picks up, my feet will be ready to run hard, restored.

And life remains a crazy zoo of stories and laughter, of words and tears. I am excited about what happens next and am learning to displace fear with hope and boredom with wonder. Those of you who have journeyed with me these last few months and years, thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t know what will spill onto the pages not yet written, but the element of surprise is so often- so, so, so often- a conduit of undeserved grace. And we, God’s children? We get to live. Amazed.


One response to “today: it’s a zoo

  1. you’re good at picture shootn

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