today: and the restlessness loses hold

This is our decision, to live fast and die young
We’ve got the vision, now let’s have some fun

-MGMT, Time to Pretend

January 2010, the month of West Coast cities paired with rain. Lots and lots of rain. And friends. Really amazing friends. I’ve been in Vancouver and San Francisco so far and will head to SeattIe and then north at the end of the month. I spent the better part of today in airports and on planes trying to get home from San Francisco, where I met up with some Aussie friends for a brief visit. They are vacationing in California; I had the time and availability of a ticket at the right price. The stars aligned. We met up. I decided to make the trip Saturday night and left on Sunday.

This morning wasn’t ideal for travel out of San Francisco. High winds and heavy rain made a mess of things, and my trip home took a bit longer than anticipated. My journal acquired a lot of scribbles about life and photography and relationships and why all this crazy is my life. I found myself thankful as my i-pod hummed in my ears and words streamed from my pen. I had MGMT on, and it was great background music, but as Time to Pretend played (on repeat, because it’s just that catchy), I fell into the trap of lyric analysis. It made me a bit depressed. It might be catchy, but the message it peddles is that either a life of escapism or a life of less-thans is all that there is in growing up.

Surely there is more.

If the past few weeks of non-stop hanging out with people who I really, really love have reminded of and taught me anything, it is this: reality that is risked on people is the realest real. I think there is a way to live that is fully alive and fully hopeful, creative, intentional and free. Our culture doesn’t give enough credit, oftentimes, to the beauty of fully investing in the people in our lives. We inhale entertainment and amusement customized on a variety of screens (computer, television, movie, i-phone), and it fills us right up. But it is junk food, and we will ever be consuming while remaining ever hungry if our stuff defines the fullest parts of reality. This happens to me all the time.

I think the good thing about the past few weeks has been not the crazy travel stories or adventures I have acquired. It has been the conversations and the laughter and the hugs and the perspective that shifts when you make an effort to be with someone because you love them. I find myself wanting to live in that direction, whether here or there. And the Creator is seen through that kind of life. I love that.

It is full. It is real. It is art.


One response to “today: and the restlessness loses hold

  1. I recently went to a sidewalk art festival and the artists gave way to a truly awesome photographing experience. I’ll be returning next year. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos.

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