today: one for Jess

When Jess and I met, well, let me explain it like this. She had two Gap polo shirts that she wore in alternating rotation, one melon-colored and one blue. I had a plaid No Fear hat and a lot of Calvin and Hobbes t-shirts. We were twelveish and awesome. If that wasn’t clear from the wardrobe description, I’m spelling it out for you.

We became friends. Really good friends, friends who go to concerts and talked about books and movies and boys and we got to know God together and we had a lot of dreams. We are going to write a book one of these days. We draw pictures. We spent a season of our friendship on our backs on my driveway in Kentucky coming up with life lessons for the world. And we still have a lot of dreams.

Jess is moving to New York, and I am sad. I am excited too. She’s got a whole lot of amazing in her, and I know this because she is so well loved by so many amazing people. I have a lot of things I could say about Jess, but I’m going to leave it at this for now. And I’m going to show you what it looks like when one well-loved girl has a going away party on a Saturday night (sans strawberry pics 😉 ) before she moves to New York to fulfill one dream on a list of many. She will do well. She will be missed.


2 responses to “today: one for Jess

  1. oh my gosh, totally remember the polos, hat, and t-shirts…

  2. I miss her already, our sweet Jess. She is like you, though. Her dreams take her far, and then she circles back to tell us how they turned out.

    Bon voyage, sweet girl. Break a leg.

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