today: thank. full.

“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.”
-William Shakespeare

Life is good. So good. Thanksgiving is hands-down the best day to be in my family, and I love that one thing we’ve managed to do well is capitalize on spending a day focused on gratitude together. God has been gracious in the way He put us together. We don’t always wear that graciousness, but I think we know we’re blessed most of the time.

A few years ago on Thanksgiving we decided to add some traditions. So we go running early on Thanksgiving morning in the Turkey Trot, this year with 12,000 others in Fort Worth.

We have the B Bowl, our annual family football game. Two-hand touch and strictly for fun. Kinda. We are a competitive bunch, every last one of us. As the boys get bigger, the game seems to get a bit more serious. But it’s a blast nonetheless. My favorite memory of this year’s game will be of Zak spending a good hour in the front yard with me evaluating what was wrong with my football throwing and then coaching until I was throwing with more confidence and speed. He is half my age, and this year has been tough at times, but he’s smart and fun and amazing.

The coaching may have been good, but my team lost the game. Oh well.

The girls still showed up and flexed what muscle we had.

The last few years I’ve walked away from Thanksgiving with an awareness of how full my life (not just my post-Turkey belly) is. It is not hard to be thankful when I stop and look at who and what I have. God has been kind. These years have been good. It makes me wonder what happens come December 31 when ’09 yields to ’10, and I shift gears. I’m pretty sure before that happens I will find myself echoing Shakespeare when asked my thoughts on these last few years, especially when I reflect on how it’s allowed me proximity to my family. I can no other answer make but thanks. And thanks.

(And a couple of more shots. Why not?)


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