advent: peace

“All we are saying is give peace a chance.”
-John Lennon

Isaiah 9:2-7

The existence of Scriptures foretelling Jesus ought to provoke hope in our hearts. Here is God who so loved the world that He planned to give His one and only Son. He raised up a nation to facilitate His birth. He informed them of His plans in advance. To that nation, who struggled under the weight of oppression, so often brought on by consequences of their own sin, He promised joy: joy of harvest, joy of overcoming a malicious enemy, joy of liberation from oppression and the joy of a hopeful future, a world free of man’s wars where God fully reigns.

This Jesus, the coming King? He would come as a child, and He would utterly transform the world. His Kingdom, God promised, would be a different kind of Kingdom. Rather than flexing muscles of tyranny and power, He would come in humility. He would come with grace. He would bring peace that would ever push back darkness.

A God who brings such a King is zealous about loving people. He is zealous about restoring wholeness and order to the whole world.

How does Jesus bring an expectant joy into the most difficult circumstances you are facing today?


One response to “advent: peace

  1. Jesus brings an expectant joy into my most difficult circumstances today because of the promise that darkness cannot conquer light, that even a small amount of light can ward off the darkness.

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