today: uncle erin

If my intentions stray I’ll wrench them away
then I’ll take my leave, and I won’t even look back.

Cave In, Owl City (oh Adam Young, I do love you.)

Tomorrow I will be responding to “Uncle Erin,” thank you very much. That’s what Leslie calls me, and I get to go visit her and her family for a few days of fun and photos.

Here’s Leslie last year:


She concluded that I was Uncle Erin, because she already has an Aunt Erin. Plus, I am her Aunt Bridget’s sister. Logically that makes me, err, Uncle Erin. Proudly. Lovingly.

This kid loves me for reasons unknown to me. I showed up at her house to do her photos back in the day when I still thought seminary was my next step. It turned out photography was my next step. We met at a fork in the road, as that trip, the one where I became Leslie’s Uncle Erin, was when I stopped being shy about calling myself a photographer. It’ll probably be good to revisit the place where that happened. Confidence, long feigned, emerged. That’s all well and good, but tomorrow, I’m mostly looking forward to seeing my little friend and her family.

It still amazes me that this is my life.


2 responses to “today: uncle erin

  1. Can’t wait. Leslie has picked out some special friends to greet you and for you to snuggle with while you’re here. See you in 12ish hours!

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