today: restless but good

in fits and waves
but still and quiet
internal is this hearty riot


The thing about my life (isn’t there always a thing?) is I struggle with being content when staying put is the present tense. And it is. My eyes drift backwards to all those years of non-stop going and forward to the ellipses point in the future when my passport will see a bit more action. (And that is an if, I suppose, that ellipses point.) In the meantime, it seems like not viewing the present as the meantime is a good plan…

So here are some good things from this week:

-Ben stopped by the office with Sonic drinks. And we visited.
-Running, lots of running, some runs including both rain and laughter
-Shoeboxes, which make me both crazy and joyful
-Skype, which cuts the world down to size via the internets
-Halloween costumes on kidlets I love. Stinkin’ cute.
-The new Swell Season. Oh so depressing. Oh so beautiful.
-Laughing, into tears, time and again, about the fight Meghan and I had last week.
-Lunch with Mom on Monday for her birthday. My mom rocks.
-Boots. Skinny jeans. Boots.
-Habakkuk. I read it this morning. I like that he called God to account. I love that God answered back. Goodness. That’s what that is: goodness.
-Soup. With crusty bread. And beer.
-Steel cut oatmeal. The kind that takes a half hour to make. It tastes like yummy and healthy married. It implies that one woke up early enough to have time to prepare breakfast. Which means there was time to read and drink coffee…
-The people who make me laugh and cry and crazy and better. I have a lot of them.

This? I think it’s the good life. Restless, but good.


One response to “today: restless but good

  1. That sounds like a fabulous week, very rich…

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