today: 3 of the 9 of the 13

“If you run away,” said his mother, “I will run after you, for you are my little bunny.”
-from The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown

So I’m a little behind on birthday posts… and since Mom’s birthday was last week, I have intended to write her post… instead here are 3 paragraphs for 3 brothers who had birthdays in August and September and who are worthy of celebrating.


When Sam was nine-months-old, he came to live with us from Korea. Sam doesn’t walk or talk, and he needs a lot of care. His utter dependence has so grown every person in our family’s capacity to love day in and day out. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Meghan says Sam holds a treasury of family secrets, because he’s hung out with many a sibling as we worked out various seasons of life on the phone or in the backyard with him in his wheelchair beside us. Sam laughs a lot. He cries a lot. He is not always easy, but he is well loved. He loves Bridget and Dad most. And the world is a better place because Sam is in it, for he has filled our lives with fullness and faith, challenge and wonder.


Every family should have a Tater. First of all, his name… he has introduced himself as Tater since he was a toddler. He is compassionate and funny. His temper and wit are quick. He loves baseball. He loves running. He plays the guitar. He doesn’t mind helping out. Little kids like him. Tater was this rough and tumble little tyke who is growing up to be thoughtful and eager in his approach to life. It is sure to serve him well.


Josh hates having his picture taken. He always has. Here is what comes to mind when I think about Josh: he always says thank you. If he forgets to say it when you do something for or with him, he calls later. He does not take things for granted. I love this about him. It stands out in our family. It’s not that the other kids don’t appreciate these sorts of things. It’s just that Josh is intentional about remembering. Josh falls on the quiter end of the family spectrum, and he loves to read. He runs because it’s good for him. He is easy to love.

I get busy and forget to be around the boys sometimes, but when I pause to think about them or pray for them, I am always grateful for the value they add to my life. And I am always hopeful for who they are and for who they are becomming. There may be a lot of us, but everybody stands out one way or another. I love that.


2 responses to “today: 3 of the 9 of the 13

  1. A great birthday post. Love our late-summer and early-fall babies.

  2. i always love the posts about your family, especially your brothers. very loving. very heartfelt.

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