today: death itself would start working backwards


Today’s blog title is brought to you by C. S. Lewis, and I am trying really hard to love Narnia as much as I love Harry Potter. And failing. Miserably. I miss the kiddos at Hogwarts.

Lewis’ brilliance, though, is creating a world that ponders what is true and what it looks like in regards to reality, and as it turns out, this is something worth considering. In Narnia, when Aslan voluntarily gives his life at the Stone Table, Edmund receives his back. In Narnia, that is the Deeper Magic. In Harry Potter things play out similarly in every book in one way or another. Harry must choose sacrifice with increasingly greater cost as he matures.

Somehow these fictional pictures seem helpful to look at and consider at times because they tell something true, and that something that is true alters perception of reality. What looks best on you and on me is humility and sacrifice; the choosing of others, at times at the expense of self; and the understanding that perfect love conquers brokenness and death. Stories help us to open our eyes to the choices presented in life. For Aslan and Harry, choosing life (for everyone) meant choosing death (of self). Most of us do not have to make that choice on the scale of actual finality of one’s days.


But daily choices matter… and there’s something to be said for giving instead of taking, for listening instead of talking, for forgiving instead of revenging (actually a word… who knew?). These cost. Sometimes they cost a lot. When you understand the value of something, though, great cost does not seem unrealistic. And people are worth it. Inherently. Some days that perspective seems a stretch; it’s intended to be a gift, an invitation to force death to work in reverse by bringing life everywhere. That is a beautiful story, one Lewis and Rowling knew and know, an echo.


2 responses to “today: death itself would start working backwards

  1. i love this – i am always in awe of how you distill the essence of life into poignant short prose

  2. I miss the kids at Hogwarts too…the kids in Narnia never quite captured me like Harry and Ron and Ginny and Hermione. Of the Narnia kids, though, I think I like Lucy the best…but it’s been a long while so maybe worth revisiting soon.

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