today: falling to rise

“The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope.”
-Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright made me see the world differently. My senior year of high school required a trip to Chicago for a humanities class, and we took a tour of Oak Park. I loved Wright’s use of space; he knew something of combining necessity with beauty. It awakened me to possibility…

God knows something of combining necessity with beauty, so Wright did what looks best on a person: he reflected his Maker. That combination makes a step outside in the fall cause a deep breath of thanks and wonder.


Seasons change, giving the earth a rhythm within which to both produce and be preserved, and as the heat of summer yields to the canopy of color that fall gives, the crunchy ground and seductive cool whisper of a world made to be made new time and again through change and cycles. Fall will give way to sleepy winter, cold and at times hard, only to whet life’s palette with anticipation for the newborn glory of spring. Nature too, then does what looks best on a work of art: reflects principles about life and truth that help a person find strength and resolve, life and light. I love the Intent. I love it.

A few more days in Western Massachusetts and I find myself hopeful as seasons change. The falling leaves are trees going to sleep, and the awakening is certain to be splendid.

(And here is a completely unrelated image that I needed to share because it made me so happy. But maybe it fits right in because little people, especially the ones I love, make me hope.)



3 responses to “today: falling to rise

  1. Um, she is so big, and so freaking adorable!

  2. I remember that Chicago trip… fun stuff (dead pictures and all.) I should’ve known you’d be involved in photography after that 🙂

  3. Thank you Erin — this made my day.

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