today: too much computer time


The news/gossip passes through various social networking systems these days, and a friend finds a job. The world hears. Someone wins a game. Friends celebrate. Weddings, births, sickness and health shared in capacities grander and quicker than imagination dreamed a few years back.

It is bedtime. I am tired. I know I need to turn off the computer, read my book, say a prayer, drink some water, sleep. Instead, these buttons keep clicking, and I am paying attention. Everything that matters, though, is beyond the scope of these frantic updates we send all day. These frantic updates, though, are maybe our loud shout of wanting to be heard.

Rest assured. You are. I am. We are probably going to be okay.


One response to “today: too much computer time

  1. I have the same computer problem. It is causing me a lack of sleep. I know I should go to bed and not get on the computer, but I can’t help myself.

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