today: on weddings


You may not know this, but one of the hats I wear sometimes is a pastor hat. This year that hat allowed me to participate in weddings. I officiated one and helped officiate another. When I don’t work at church any more, this will be one of the things I miss.

Here’s why: I find weddings so incredibly hopeful. I am not one of those girls who gushes over brides and their dresses and flowers and the perfection of it all. But I love a good story. The way people come together and commit and stand in front of everyone they love tends to be a good story. The photographer hat I wear sometimes loves all of that. But more than the story of the day is the story of lives committing to something bigger, something more.

Getting to stand with the bride and groom and look into their eyes and listen to their vows is one of the most amazing things I’ve done so far. I thought about that tonight and felt grateful for the life I’ve been given. I never knew I wanted to be a wedding officiant until I already was one. Sometimes that’s they way the best parts of life are realized, and God’s kindness expressed in an unrecognized dream realized as the means of comprehension.



One response to “today: on weddings

  1. You look so serious in that last shot! And I love the red glasses. Every time you wear them, I love them more.

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