today: lemonade

Some days you gotta make lemonade with the lemons that seem to be stacking up, so…


Ingredients for lemonade:

…for sun and stars, for mountains and lakes.
…for cities. How I love cities. New York. Chicago. Seattle. Toronto. Vancouver. San Francisco. Warsaw. Czestochowa. Austin. Belfast. Capetown. Prague. And lots more. These come to mind tonight.
…for music and the people who make it.
…for color and the people who are colorful.
…for truth and how it comes from One true.
…for family.
…for besties.
…for the endless array of people all over the place who are part of this story.
…for culture and cultures.
…for art.
…for feet that run and run and run and go and go and go.
…for eyes that see.
…for blueberries and peaches and cherries.
…for stories.
…for books.
…for a new day tomorrow and new mercy with it.



2 responses to “today: lemonade

  1. megancristello

    thank you…going to go squeeze some right now…

  2. for brilliant and inspiring sisters. šŸ™‚

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