today: the skies, they are friendly


Flying days make me happy. It means you are going somewhere. It means the time it takes to get from A to B is open space for reading and writing and remembering to fasten your seat belt. Today I flew with my i-pod and Harry Potter. I visited with seat mates and chuckled with flight attendants. And I arrived on vacation.


When I used to travel more, flying days were always days to connect with God, and we hung out a good bit today. I read and journaled. I pondered the aforementioned Harry Potter. In the latter books, the characters who emerge as significant make me cry. They start out weak, unpopular, cast off. They move to forefront of the stage as they stake their claim in believing that good is worth fighting for. They give their lives. They make me cry because their paradigm is not unlike the paradigm we live in with God. Somehow the weak become strong. Somehow the least become greatest. Somehow the vulnerable story creates a masterpiece on this canvas that is life, one that displays grace and hope and redemption.

That is what happens in Harry Potter, and that is what happens here. I love that. It’s amazing how any great story seems to resonate with the God story. I thought about that a lot on the airplane today. (And I flew Southwest to New England so that left a lot of time and space for thinking.)


I’m on vacation for the next few days. That means plenty of time to live a lot of story and plenty more time to get refreshed for this great story that we’re in the midst of.


2 responses to “today: the skies, they are friendly

  1. I love flying too! Glad you’re getting a break. Miss you already.

  2. Hope it’s all marvelous. Looking forward to hearing stories on our very long drive to Mexico…although perhaps it will be shorter w/ a smaller team…one can always hope!

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