tonight: me too

if you never try, you’ll never know just what you’re worth.
-Coldplay, “Fix You”

A two post day… watched The Soloist tonight, and it kinda rocked me. It is one of those stories that shows what happens when you take a risk and let someone in. Even when it’s hard and ugly. The beauty that emerges? That’s the stuff of redemption.

me too

life happens
so often in seeming accidental encounters
leading towards
the gripping of hands
and the seeing of faces
and the willing of hearts
to stand alongside
through good and bad
with commitment and faith
the ability to show up
fully present
and seeing
a two-word leveling
of the field

you are here?
me too

you tried to go it alone?
me too

but now

i am here
with you

you needed that?
me too


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