today: dear jakey

“Please stay a child somewhere in your heart.”

“Snap her up in a butterfly net; pin her down on a photograph album.”
-Adam Duritz


Dear Jakey,

Please stop growing up. Stop looking like Tater on a 48-month delay.

Or at least cling to your exuberance. And let days we get to hang out together be full of silliness and laughter. Please. This little boy that you are is so much to love. I looked at these pictures today and saw glimpses of you growing up.

Then I found these others and knew we still had a few little boy days left. It’s good that you’re here. We so need you in our lives.





3 responses to “today: dear jakey

  1. He’s going to be our baby forever…getting taller can’t change it. šŸ™‚

  2. he’s a mess. and i love him. glad i got to squeeze in some hang out time too… and WHERE are the skipping pics? they belong in this post.

  3. this is true. I love me some Jakey. I can’t believe he’s 8. I know this because now when I invite him to do things, he has to check his “schedule and get back to me” where does time go?

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