today: a lot

My shows are planned and scripted only so far as it allows me to lose the sense of where I am and get wrapped up in what I’m doing. Every night, I want to get that feeling of being surprised by what’s coming out (onstage).
Andrew Bird

I’ve been listening to a bit of Andrew Bird lately. Maybe you should too. Maybe. I’ve also taken some photos of some of my favorite things. Here are two:


My guitar. Happy. Bought in the Czech Republic on a one-day road trip. It gets less play of late than it used to. But it reminds me of some parts of me that though dormant are true and present. When I’m busy (read: today), I kinda like being reminded that all of me isn’t summed up in the to-do list I finished or didn’t. God created me. He loves me. He gave me an ability to create… photos, poetry, music, stories… it’s all in there. Even when you can’t see it.


Bluebonnets. Happy. Many parts of the externals of Texas do not seem to fit my wanderlusting self. The bluebonnet part, though, grabs me for a short season each spring. The spray of blue across the sea of green… it is beauty at it’s best. The Creator who gave the ability to create totally has outdone us all. He’s good at that.

So it’s busy, but I can’t quite wait to see what happens next.


3 responses to “today: a lot

  1. hey, pass me some of that hope will ya?

  2. I do love love love the always-too-short bluebonnet season.

  3. I didn’t know that’s what those flowers are. I do so love ’em. The way they dress the normally dry, mixed color grass. They’re vibrant and inviting. Anyway, thanks for letting me know what they are, indirectly. 🙂

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