today: busy day. busy weekend. full life?

Let me let you in on a little secret: being home on Friday night with nothing to do often makes my week. Friday nights, for many, fill up with
movies and
dates and
errands and
parties and
drinking and
dancing and
eating and

And at the end of the week, I sometimes need a break rather than the trappings of entertainment and relationship (though I love those things). I need alone time. Maybe I don’t need it; I sure do love it.


So tonight I am editing old photos… from Phoenix… and remembering how much I learned. I find myself wanting to apply it all tomorrow. Immediately. I think I’d be better off working methodically through the list of lessons and practicing to the point of learning before moving on to the next thing. Time does not always allow such pragmatism. Photography sometimes forces it, though.

The magnetism of photography I discovered in photojournalism is time travel. I get to go back to the desert in Phoenix where I met formed friendships while we learned together… I get all that back by looking at these images:


A memory captured may be inadequate to allow change to what happened then. Moments cannot be relived. Revisiting them, though, ah, I love that. Enough. I’m just writing to write and do not have anything more to say. Have a great weekend. Drop a line as time allows.


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