today: journeying towards spring

I started to think spring was coming the other night on my front porch when I saw this:


1. Go to Joni’s blog and watch her Mexico slideshow. It will do your heart good.

2. Look at this photo (somehow not as sharp on here as on my computer screen). I have been thinking today that some things that are unresolved in relationships are because we don’t know how to fully see someone. We see what we want to see. Or we don’t see what we don’t want to see. At least, I do that.


3. Resolve to live somewhere bigger, fuller than that. And as the details emerge, perhaps you’ll find yourself seeing the light that is grace. And then you can forgive. And then you can live fully, hands loosed from the grip that didn’t seem to know how to let go before. And then you can let some things die quietly. And this might be the best possible way to live. At least, that’s what I think.

It is the recognition that in stepping into the light that is grace, spring turns a new leaf. Winter falls asleep. Redemption comes in season. Jesus is faithful.



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