today: insomnia and mexico

Clouds are breaking; heaven’s come to earth
Hearts awakening; let the church bells ring
And all You ever do is change the old to new

-Martin Smith


Maybe it was the busyness of the last few days (weeks?) or the craziness of all that happened in Mexico or the fullness of life overall, but I can’t sleep. And I am so tired.

For the past week, I was in Mexico with old and new friends. I watched old friends do new things and new friends (in terms of depth, anyways) do old things, things familiar to them that made them come alive… It was wonderful and beautiful and hopeful to see.


A lot of what we saw in Vamos Tamaulipas, the community we worked in, were fragmented pictures of hard realities: broken homes and death and abandonment… We wanted to be able to find solutions and fix things. In reality all we could do was hold little faces and hug a lot of bodies and let ourselves be present in a thousand moments. We tried to write names and stories on our hearts during the day and cried out to God on their behalf at night. We let ourselves cry.

I think this is what it means to be human. When stripped down and bare, the heart still beats loud and clear with longing for love and acceptance, for healing and grace, for wholeness. Seeing a lot of hard things is maybe why I can’t sleep.

But the sun comes up in the morning, each day beginning with a redemption song of light.

That is one way hope rises and shines in the best and worst of circumstances…

More to come.


One response to “today: insomnia and mexico

  1. Sounds like an experience not soon forgotten.

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