tonight: what do you see?

Tomorrow is another Mexico trip. I don’t know what happens next there. We’ll see. It’s a small team, and we don’t have a lot of plans other than to see what God is up to and trying to join that. Pray that we have eyes to see and ears to hear and hands to heal.

if hope is a perspective,
it is one selected
based on not what is seen
it is faith, believed
based on something more
when feeling something less
never really a chore
it is longing for best

So many things are going on, and I am trying to choose hopefulness and faith instead of insecurity and doubt. Sometimes that feels big and risky. It is choosing to live love, grace and wonder where other options seem more logical.


One response to “tonight: what do you see?

  1. really? i can’t think of any more logical options. love you. can’t wait to hear about the trip. wish i was going.

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