tonight: passage


the silence hung heavy, observed
the voices rang out, heard
a hand held lightly, assured
all will be well
all will be well
the herald concurred
we will be well
we well be well
so said his words

the doubts lingered, poignant
the shouts disturbed, violent
the fists gripped, tyrants
of injustice’s injustice
of injustice’s injustice
the herald concurred
will we be well
will we be well
we questioned his words

the passage opened, unseen
the song whispered, believe
the fingers pointed, indeed
you little child
you little child
the herald observed
here in this piece
here in this peace
this you know: you are loved (believe)
we trusted his words


2 responses to “tonight: passage

  1. otherworldly. completely amazing, my writer friend, my storytelling friend, my friend the poet.

  2. Perfection. You are gifted beyond any other writer I know.

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