today: perspective edits life or life edits perspective…

“Though I’ll never forget your face,
sometimes I can’t remember my name.”
-Adam Duritz (Counting Crows, Mrs. Potter)

The intention was to blog this last night… and my internet went down…


It’s a chicken/egg question, whether perspective is the result of the way life happens or vice versa. Maybe the way life happens shapes perspective. It’s probably a bit of both, depends on the day. A part of growing up, maturing, becoming who a person is supposed to be requires mandatory pauses so that identity secures to the right things. In our fragility, or maybe in my fragility, the tendency to latch on to the wrong things to secure who a person is- who I am- occurs with great frequency.


Life mandates pauses, steps backwards, rest. These moments or days or weeks or years, depending on where you’re at, allow and force us to sit with ourselves, to look at who we are, to see our great need. So that we can change and become more and more the people we’re supposed to be.

I spent the weekend with a group of photographers from the Beyond Just Images forum I participate in. What I thought would be a weekend of learning and laughter, which it was, also caused me to stand still and look around. And I heard God whispering in my ear about how big he is and how he wants to be here when things are good. And when they aren’t.

It was like a haze lifted.


True security lies in living out of relationship with God, being restored and restoring others. I believe that. Richard and Amy of Red Leaf Studios talked a lot about their business and how they do things and what they see. Their work is intentional. Their work is inspiring. Their work is beautiful. Their approach, though, allowed me to peer into a window of the kingdom of God.

They know who they are. They know what they are made to do. They live there. I hunger for what they have.

Life presses us on so many sides. Things don’t go the way they are supposed to so many days. I want to be someone, though: friend/family, pastor/photographer, child of God/disciple… storyteller, who lives out of who I am, committed to be shaped by the right things… because the run is long and some days hard. Unease and tension and brokenness are here to stay.


May we press in and on, determined to endure for the joy set before us. Because it is out there to be claimed and in us to be given away.


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