tonight: running along well enough


pull on some shoes and just enough clothes
today the sun shines bright and cancels wind’s blow
today shoulders bare and a pair of shorts will do
today fall in and out of step, one-two, one-two

put out distracting thoughts as brain clears
today in this moment all you are is here
today round the corner and today see the grass
today newborn green testifies old winter cannot last

breathe now deeply, pull from lungs’ reserve
today creation calls out: beauty can be learned
today everything is better now as you are done
today, again, thankful, for this afternoon run

My runs are healing, filling, worshipful and wonderful. I crave running like air and food. Running is like another bestie. Some days it tells me the truth about the world better than anyone else. Maybe that’s because on a good run, my head clears and my heart pounds. It is the best kind of fully alive I know. Some nights (tonight) I go to bed already anticipating the next day’s run, a hunger birthed not out of a gnawing stomach but out of aching desire. Again, that anticipation? The best kind of fully alive I know.



2 responses to “tonight: running along well enough

  1. Love the simple, colorful shots! And the story…I can relate. Erin…you’re good.

  2. ah yes – the glorious addiction of running. Nothing quite like taking in an afternoon via running shoes. Love the “one-two, one two” . So true.

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