today: the way we roll

If the good Lord had meant for us to walk, he wouldn’t have invented roller skates.”
-Willy Wonka


Yesterday’s post mentioned a roller skating event with the Sunday afternoon crowd. Today’s post contains the photographic evidence.

When one goes roller skating with four friends, two of who happen to also be sisters, one might stumble upon the following exhibit:


If you are in your sixties-ish, you can totally tandem skate like you’re figure skating in the Olympics. I’m just saying.

I lasted about fifteen minutes on skates and then handed them over to Daniela, who as it turns out, actually knows how to roller skate and stuff.

It is Monday, my day off, so I am editing photos and trying to wrap my brain around another week. The adventures to be had may not be as exciting as Sunday free skate, but who knows what lies around the corner.



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