today: tired

“Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art.”
-Frank Lloyd Wright

Ah, Wright, who understood negative space and the way it creates quiet places for wonder and daydreams and rest and peace.

This year seems to have started out with a tired rhythm, and even so, some days it seems hard to keep up. I want to yield to these feelings of tiredness and stop. Rest is fine, good, and needed. Stopping, though, seems a bit sinister, like emotions are the driving force, rather than a mere player in the way life gets lived.


This temporary coolness of heart colored today for sure. Now, tonight, regrouping, I find myself reading old Bible stories- David and Goliath stands out- and wanting to be the kind of person who knows myself and God well enough to step out and into things larger than myself and my emotions. The world changes not in daydreams or weary scenes but in lives committed to go for it. On the days they feel like it.

And on the days they do not.

This is easy to say and hard to live. The world’s hurting and marginalized and poor and oppressed cry out while I nurse tired apathy? I think not.

Please, please let me be someone who can be bigger than that, tossing aside armor and swords to pick up a few smooth stones easily hurtled in the direction of hindrances much too large for a stone to take out. Such over-sized challenges rarely cause God to bat an eye.

This thought warms my heart towards hopeful.



One response to “today: tired

  1. Sometimes a moment of greatness starts the roller coaster of life on a path unintended… I bet David had no idea at the time…

    Thanks for writing and inviting (from facebook).

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